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Client Services

Kristen offers individual and group psychotherapy, meditation instruction, therapeutic movement-based classes, and special events such as workshops and retreats to adolescents, adults, couples and families. To learn more about any of the client services Kristen offers, click the links below or contact her.


With a body-centered therapeutic approach grounded in Internal Family Systems Therapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Kristen is dedicated to working with adolescents, adults, couples and families to provide collaborative, holistic psychotherapy. Both for those seeking growth, insight, or therapy as self-care and for those struggling with one or more systemic or mental health issues—perhaps depression, anxiety, an eating disorder or uneasy relationship with food, negative body image, symptoms following a traumatic event or loss, discord within a family system, difficulty with relationships, school, work, or family functioning, or trouble adjusting to a significant life shift—Kristen approaches psychotherapy with compassion, respect, and an eye for facilitating change and healing. Kristen utilizes body-based methods to increase the number of “roads in” to healing, by using not only awareness of emotions, thoughts and behaviors but also the wisdom of the body to bring about lasting change.


Rates vary between between our clinicians based on their experience, education and license level.  Inquire with your particular clinician for their specific rates. 


We offer the following as standard appointments:


Intake/90-minute session

60-minute session

45-minute session

If you are interested in doing therapy at Clear Path, but are financially limited, we do offer a number of sliding scale spots. Please contact us to inquire about current availability of sliding scale spots and rates.  You can schedule a free 20-minute appointment to discuss this with one of our therapists.


As a facilitator of therapeutic groups, Kristen strives to attune and attend to the emotional states, spatial organization, and present-moment dynamics of the group, as well as the individual members comprising the group. Group therapy presents a unique opportunity for clients to build awareness of the thoughts, emotions, physical experiences, and behaviors that arise in relation to others. Kristen’s therapy groups are not intended to be an avenue for doing individual therapy in front of others, nor watching someone else receive individual therapy from the group leader(s). She strives instead to use group therapy to promote opportunities to learn not only about a topic, but also about oneself in relation to others exploring that topic; to discover not only how to connect with self and others, but also how to break out of the patterns that habitually cut off connection. Group participants discover the strength of finding voice as well as the strength that comes from the support of the group itself. 

Check out Clear Path's current and upcoming group therapy offerings on the Groups & Workshops page.

Individual Instruction

Meditation has been shown to have many benefits for those who practice it regularly, including anxiety and depression symptom reduction, increase in ability to maintain focus and concentration, increased ability to tolerate difficult or distressing emotions, and improved ability to handle stress. For those interested in receiving instruction in meditation in a one-on-one setting, Clear Path offers private meditation instruction in the Zen tradition. This format may be useful for those interested in learning meditation who, for a variety of reasons—including anxiety, history of trauma, difficulty attending to breath or bodily sensations, or concerns about learning in a group setting— would benefit from individually-tailored instruction. To schedule one-on-one meditation sessions with Clear Path, contact Kristen at 815.520.6023 or at



60-minute session: $80

Set of 6 60-minute sessions: $360 ($60 per session)



For those who have gained at least several months of experience practicing meditation, retreats offer the opportunity to deepen one’s meditation practice and connect with a community of meditators from across the United States and Europe. For details about retreat opportunities, inquire with Kristine at

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