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Provider Services

Clear Path offers a variety of professional services—including research, consultation, and level of care assessments—to colleagues and programs in the field of healthcare. Whether you are a private practice therapist looking to update and improve your intake forms, a representative of an outpatient treatment program looking to acquire program efficacy statistics, a health care provider looking to gain client assessment data, or a treating clinician seeking consultation, Kristen will provide you with new ways of seeing, evaluating, and approaching your clinical work. To learn more about any of the provider services Kristen offers, click the links below or contact her.


If you are a therapist, group practice, or treatment center looking to measure and improve your clients’ experiences and treatment outcomes, you might start with evaluating the first significant therapeutic experience your clients will have of you: your intake form. Clear Path offers comprehensive intake evaluation research to help you acquire data about how well your current practices—from the intake forms your clients complete to the questions you ask in your initial assessments—are working for you and your clients.

Is your intake form sensitive to a range of diversity factors? Does it give a taste of your theoretical orientation and provide you—in the most efficient way possible—with the data you need to begin treatment? How effective is your intake itself as the first treatment intervention your clients will experience? Do clients, upon completing your intake, tend feel hopeful, enjoy a sense of competence, and have an optimistic view of pursuing treatment with you? Clear Path’s intake evaluation research will provide you with answers to these questions and more.

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Evaluation of your intake form is conducted by running the form through a comprehensive research process—including assessment of diversity sensitivity, scrutiny of the order and content of questions, comparison of your form to other “high performing” intake forms, and a 20-minute qualitative interview with the professional(s) utilizing the form. After all evaluative data has been collected and organized, you will be provided with a report that outlines how your intake performs across several categories. Utilizing this comprehensive report, Kristen will provide a 60-minute consultation session walking you through the various ways you might improve your intake process for yourself and your clients. Follow-up intake consultation services are provided as needed (see Consultation for details).



Intake Evaluation Research Package, Single Clinician Use (includes comprehensive evaluation process, written report, and 60-minute consultation session): $215

Intake Evaluation Research Package, Multiple Clinician Use (Includes comprehensive evaluation process, written report, and 60-minute consultation session): $215 for first clinician, $20 for each additional clinician interviewed during data collection

Single 60-minute intake consultation: $150

Single 90-minute intake consultation: $225


For mental health professionals, social workers, or healing practitioners who may be uncertain about the next steps or appropriate level of care for a client presenting with an eating disorder or acute trauma symptoms, Kristen provides 90-minute level of care assessments for clients. These assessments may prove a useful tool in deciphering the next step for a client, which may range from standard outpatient treatment to robust outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential treatment, or inpatient treatment. Medical doctors and other providers on the client’s treatment team are consulted as part of the level of care assessment. After completing the 90-minute assessment and conferring with other treatment providers, Kristen discusses her recommendations with the client and generates a report for the referring provider to assist with client care recommendations. When appropriate, Kristen may also suggest treatment programs options that take into consideration clients’ insurance benefits and financial resources.


The perceptions of effectiveness that your clients develop and share about your treatment program can have a huge impact on your program’s success and reputation. If you are a newer outpatient treatment program, or you have not yet collected data on how well your program brings about change and symptom reduction for your clients, it may be time to invest in program evaluation research. Clear Path’s methodology for conducting program research involves an 8- to 12-month process of both qualitative and quantitative data collection, followed by generation of a comprehensive research report and a 60-minute consultation session.

Program research data is collected from clients in your program in three cycles: at the time of intake, at the time of discharge, and at a 6-month-post-discharge follow-up. This data—organized, analyzed, and delivered to you in a succinct report format—will provide you with a deeper understanding of your program’s strengths and areas for improvement. In addition to the research and the report, Clear Path also offers assistance in incorporating positive efficacy data into your marketing. This allows potential clients to have an objective sense of how your services or programs may directly benefit them, as well as how your services stand out above other treatment options.



Kristen provides both individual and small group consultation on topics such as eating disorder treatment, strategies for assessing and working with complex trauma (childhood trauma/attachment disturbance plus acute instances of adolescent/adulthood trauma), use of meditation and mindfulness techniques in clinical practice, strategies for working with dissociative clients, and use of body-based interventions for trauma and attachment disorders. To pursue consultation services with Kristen, contact her at 815.520.6023 or at .



90-minute session: $225

60-minute session: $150

45-minute session: $135

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