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Groups and Workshops

Our Psychotherapy Groups and Workshops that you can participate in at Clear Path. 

Let’s Talk About Menopause (1).png

Finally, the medical world is starting to recognize menopause as something women deserve to understand. We are seeing more articles, books, and podcasts that address the mental and physical symptoms of

menopause. What we’re learning is that there are some commonalities (ex. hot flashes), but that our individual journeys can involve unique and challenging issues. 

Although we can read more, it is highly desired and beneficial to have space to talk, feel emotionally supported, and learn from other women. This group is designed to do just that. Facilitated by a psychotherapist and supported by fellow members, this monthly group is a place to share, learn, and feel camaraderie in this journey, whatever phase you are in.

While the average age of menopause in the United States is 51, perimenopause begins as early as your mid-30s. Post-menopause lasts up to, well, the rest of our lives.

We will meet monthly from 6:45-8pm for 6 sessions.

Group dates: 

Tuesday, August 6, 2024 

Tuesday, September 3, 2024 

Tuesday, October 8, 2024 

Tuesday, November 12, 2024 

Tuesday, January 7, 2025

Tuesday, February 11, 2025

Cost: $250 before June 30, 2024, $300 after.

Registration closes July 15, 2024.

This group will be a closed group, limited to 12 members.

In the event that this group fills, please reach out to to join a waiting list for the next group.

Finding an Okay Within Fatigue.png

Whether you find yourself working through flare-ups of fatigue, feelings of frustration or grief, loss of social connection, or adjusting your lifestyle around the health impacts of a chronic condition, this group is designed to provide a safe space to be witnessed in community as you work through that impact with support.


This group is a 7-week series, held on Tuesdays at noon to 1pm, and will run from August 13th to September 24th. It will be facilitated by Amber Sebastian, MFT-IT, and held virtually. The fee for the 7-week series is $300, but because we want this group to be accessible to anyone who wants to attend, we have a "pay-what-you-can" checkout option for you that allows you to select $300, $225, or $140 for your registration fee. Please pay according to your financial means. If you would like to attend but need an additional sliding scale option, or if you have any questions about the group, just email

Tori's Spring Workshops (4).png

This 90-minute, in-person workshop with Tori Lewis will help you navigate the unexpected, often challenging thoughts, emotions, and changes that occur with motherhood. In the safety of this environment designed to care for and tend to you and your body, you will receive support for your experience of the postpartum journey, have time and space to care for yourself, and nurture the ever-changing relationship with your body. For partners or friends of new mothers who want to attend, you will gain valuable insights into what your loved one may be going through on her postpartum journey. 


This event will be hosted in-person at Clear Path Counseling and Wellness date being rescheduled. Check back soon.


Because we want the event to be open and accessible to all who want to attend, we are offering a "pay-what-you-can" registration option where you can select $40, $20, or $10 to attend. Please pay what you are able according to your current financial means. If you have any questions about the workshop prior to attending, just reach out to

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