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Retreats in 2023


See below for the current schedule of Clear Path retreats, conducted by Kristen Radtke, Licensed Professional Counselor and Owner of Clear Path Counseling and Wellness. 


       "Inviting all of You"                         "Sharing and Welcoming                         "Deeply Connecting,

               Retreat                                   More of Us" Couples Retreat             Deeply Communing" Retreat

          July 29th-30th                                    Sept 30th-Oct 1st                                       Nov 11th-12th












Referred by a local provider? Ask your provider for their discount code to get $175 off the full series!

Join us in the heart of nature for a journey of meeting, welcoming, and nourishing the parts of you who may not always get to be fully supported in the routine bustle of life. This series of three, 1.5-day retreats will help you deeply connect with yourself, the people closest to you, and your larger world through nature hikes, guided movement, group therapy sessions, reflective journaling, silent contemplation time, campfire circling, and nourishing meals and snacks. 


Designed to be a reflective journey through the seasonal changes of high summer, early autumn, and new winter, this series will begin with a retreat on inner work called "Inviting All of You," held July 29th-30th. From there, your expanded self is invited to work with your partner on September 30th and October 1st in a couples strengthening retreat, "Sharing and Welcoming More of Us." After embracing the fullest and most authentic version of yourself and tapping into the supportive power of your relationship, the November 11th-12th retreat, "Deeply Connecting, Deeply Communing," will teach you how to experience and maintain deep connection to others and the natural world. Your retreat experience will be thoughtfully supported with healthy vegetarian meals (vegan options available) made with fresh ingredients from local farms, a snack bar of rotating organic snacks and artisanal non-alcoholic beverages, and a  compassionate, attuned staff who will do everything they can to support your needs.


Each 1.5-day retreat is a standalone experience, so you have the option to attend one, two, or three of the retreats in the series, according to your interests and needs. We look forward to hosting you and being on this transformative journey together.

"You Pick Two" Registration Option

Save $340 when you register for your choice of any two of the

weekend retreats. You can pick your favorite two based on topics of

interest, the two that seem most complementary for your current

needs, or the two that simply work best for your calendar if

you cannot attend all three.








About Your Retreat Hosts







Registration Options and Costs

Full Series: $1,950. Register by July 21st.


"You Pick Two": $1,450. Register by 10 days before your first retreat.

"Inviting All of You" (July 29th and 30th): $895. Register by July 21st.


"Sharing and Welcoming More of Us" (for couples; September 30th and October 1st): $895. Register by September 22nd.


"Deeply Connecting, Deeply Communing" (November 11th and 12th): $895. Register by November 3rd.


If you would like to attend any of the retreat weekends but you are unable to afford the registration costs, please email Kristen at to inquire about availability of sliding scale registration spots. 


Retreat Location and Schedule

The location for these retreats is in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, a 15-minute drive from Madison (exact address provided upon registration). You have the option to bring a mattress pad and sleeping bag if you would like to lodge on site overnight, or return home to sleep on Saturday nights with provided "retreat mindset instructions" (refrain from drinking alcohol, limit or eliminate cell phone use, begin your morning with a meditation prior to returning to the site, etc.). These scheduled start and end times will be the same for all three retreat weekends. Saturday will begin with a welcome brunch and retreat orientation at 11:30 AM, and the day will close at 9:00 PM, with the option to enjoy the campfire longer if desired. Sunday mornings will begin with an optional meditation at 6:00 AM and an optional group movement session at 6:45 AM (all levels welcome), and an official all-group start at 8:00 AM for breakfast, gratitude practice, and morning journaling. Sundays will end at 11:30 AM, after which you're invited to join us for some post-retreat socialization over lunch at a local spot!


If you have any questions about the retreat series, or any special needs that would allow you to attend without hesitation, please email Kristen at

We look forward to hosting you and being on this transformative journey together!

The retreats will be supported and led by Kristen Radtke, Licensed Professional Counselor and Owner of Clear Path Counseling and Wellness, and Joseph Dahari, startup entrepreneur and Executive Director of 100state. Kristen has designed and led dozens of psychotherapy, meditation, and wellness retreats in the United States and Europe for over ten years. She is skilled in group facilitation and regularly runs psychotherapy groups, provides trainings to universities and business leadership teams, and supervises therapists training in IFS and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Joseph is an executive coach and startup leadership advisor specializing in team dynamics and culture development in early-stage startups. In his personal journey, Joseph spent 7 years being a full-time caretaker for his mother after she was diagnosed with a rare form of scleroderma, giving him deep compassion for adult caretakers and anyone going through grief and loss. Together, Kristen and Joseph are a dynamic team who will help you feel safe, seen, and deeply cared for throughout your retreat experiences.

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